High Time

Sustainable development goals

Promoting a Global Alliance to end child labour in all its forms by 2025

The ILO welcomes the launch of the High Time Movement and looks forward to collaborating closely with this movement. It is timely to take such an initiative to create an alliance based on the agreed goals of SDG.

The ILO is proposing to create an SDG Alliance 8.7 to provide member states with assistance to achieve SDG target 8.7 (calling for immediate and effective measures against forced labour, the worst forms of child labour (WFCL), and specifically, by 2025, to end child labour in all its forms).

Violence against children (VaC) in work settings must not be overlooked, since 168 million children are engaged in work that is not suitable for them; and this includes situations of particular concern such as children that are simply too young to be working, children in domestic work, informal economy, debt bondage or modern forms of slavery, hazardous conditions of work. Some WFCLs are tantamount to violence in itself, such as sexual exploitation or trafficking of children.

In addition, millions of adolescents of working age – legally at work – are also more vulnerable to violence than adult workers due to their age or inexperience.

There is a global commitment to tackle child labour and to protect children from economic exploitation under the CRC, especially in its article 32. Furthermore, the ILO’s Minimum Age Convention (No.138) has garnered 168 ratifications and the Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention (No.182) has 180 ratifications.

Forced labour situation also adds vulnerability to violence in work settings for children as well as adults. The ILO has launched a campaign (50ForFreedom) to call on member States to ratify the 2014 Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention which addresses forced labour situations and calls for measures to prevent, protect and provide remedies to its victims.

The ILO contributed to the 2006 Pinheiro Study concerning VaC in work settings, and has been in close collaboration with the SRSG.

Violence at work is unacceptable, whether against children or adults. The ILO has decided to place on the agenda of its 2018 Conference an item of “Violence against women and men in the world of work” for standard-setting. There will be a meeting of experts on this topic already this year in October.

Child labour and Violence against Children in places of work both need elimination. The High Time Movement for SDG 16.2 and the soon to be launched SDG Alliance 8.7 will be complementary and give strength to each other.

The ILO looks forward to the future collaboration.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO)