High Time

Sustainable development goals

It is High Time that every child’s right to freedom from violence is guaranteed everywhere and at all times

The Norwegian government’s view is clear. Violence against children is never acceptable. It must be prevented and combated. Victims should receive help and be protected. Perpetrators should receive treatment and be prosecuted.
As long as children are beaten, assaulted and abused – We cannot rest.
Our target should be that no children would be subject to violence or other forms of abuse. Efforts to fight violence and abuse of children demand cooperation, competence and willingness to act.
The Norwegian Government is committed, and it will take part in this combat– both at global and national level. Cooperation, as well as knowledge- and competence sharing across borders is vital. We need strong legal frameworks prohibiting all kinds of violence and sexual abuse, including female genital mutilation and forced marriages. Corporal punishment of children must be illegal and punishable. Ending violence against children requests a cross-sectoral approach. In November 2014, Norway launched a new plan of action to intensify the effort against violence and abuse. It combines the joint effort of four ministries and includes 43 measures to prevent violence and sexual abuse of children and young people.

Government of Norway