High Time

Sustainable development goals

I stand up for children and their rights

All children have the right to protection from physical, sexual and psychological violence. Always. Everywhere.

I am deeply concerned by the huge extent and the devastating impact of violence against children.

Violence is never justifiable and can be prevented.

It is high time to end violence against children. It is high time to change behaviours and attitudes that condone or tolerate violence against children. It is high time to take the measures needed to prevent and respond to violence, and to protect and support children affected by violence.

I believe in the transformative power of people and wish to join the coalition of the movers and the shakers. I am committed to contribute to the efforts to transform the world and end all forms of violence against children by 2030, lending my time and my talent to this cause. I embrace the vision of a world where all children can thrive, a world free from fear and violence. In the countdown to 2030, children can count on me.

Marc Dullaert, Founder and Chairman of KidsRights, Founder of the International Children’s Peace Prize